See what your MS Teams says about your end-users usage.


Powell Teams' new admin dashboard is designed to provide IT admins with an overview of the tenant's health. The dashboard also serves as a home page for admins to track what's important to them, such as tenant usage and compliance. The goal is to have a more assisted and guided experience with Microsoft Teams governance.




The best SaaS solution for implementing better governance of Microsoft Teams to improve the user experience.

Get the most out of your Microsoft Teams investment.

A collaboration tool for IT and employees

Discover where you are with Teams Sprawl

As an IT Administrator in charge of Microsoft 365 & Teams, you find that Teams adoption comes with challenges: too many unnecessary teams are created, employees complain about feeling lost, and you’re unsure if Teams are secure and compliant.

Powell Teams scans your Microsoft Teams tenant and provides a health overview:​

  • How many teams are in your tenant​
  • How many potentially "harmful" teams: guest access, missing owners, inactive teams, public teams,...​

Get your Governance Score and Perform Quick Wins

Get a review of the results with and understand where you are in term of Teams Governance as compared to the other organization through our Governance score​.

Take immediate actions to perform quick wins on the worst harmful teams: 

  • Change privacy,
  • Ask teams owner to remove unnecessary guest,
  • Archive inactive teams,…

Improve your Teams Life Cycle Management

Powell Teams assists IT Administrators by providing templates & automation:​

  • Ready-to-set governance​
  • Life cycle management​
  • Business processes in Teams

What's in it for me?

Get a full scan of your Microsoft Teams tenant from a governance perspective. In just a few hours, you will know:

✔️ The number of Teams in your tenant,
✔️ The number of potentially "harmful" Teams,
✔️ Teams with guest access,
✔️ Teams with missing owners,
✔️ Inactive groups (90 days),
✔️ Public teams

We offer you a Teams Health Check to help you determine where you are with Teams Governance and Lifecycle management. You will get a free 14 day-trial to understand better how easy it is to set a Teams Governance framework.



Meet Powell Teams

The #1 solution to improve teamwork in Microsoft Teams and make it a collaboration experience that’s effortless, easy to manage and govern.


Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration platform for businesses, but managing Teams can be challenging without proper governance and lifecycle management. Microsoft's Ready-to-Set Governance offers a set of pre-defined strategies and policies to help secure Teams and ensure best practices. This solution enables IT teams to choose and apply the necessary rules to govern their Teams environment effectively.




This platform offers an easy-to-use interface for finding Teams and Channels, overcoming information overload with a smart user dashboard that allows for filtering and easy navigation. Additionally, employees can quickly access the latest information and documents through Team cards and a powerful search engine, enhancing the browsing experience and simplifying the search for relevant information.




Powell Teams offers a customizable platform with a variety of predefined, preconfigured, and customizable templates for tasks such as project management, sales RFPs, and new employee onboarding. Users can easily create Teams with everything they need, while automation capabilities streamline collaboration by automatically creating Teams triggered by actions in business applications like CRM or receipt of an email. This feature saves time and simplifies the collaboration process, making Powell Teams an efficient and user-friendly platform.


All your data is stored 100% on your Microsoft 365 server. Apply the right measures to prevent data leakage, accidental or otherwise. Manage guest access, permissions, and the lifecycle of your data, and ensure that your employees follow best practices to ensure a secure and reliable work environment.




Integrate your company's intranet into Teams to better connect employees. Create smart gateways to quickly access company resources and information to boost productivity and engagement.