K2 Process Automation

Automate and Integrate Tasks

What is K2?

Repetitive processes are a core hindrance to productivity in the organisation. The key to solving this issue? Process automation.  

K2 automates complex business processes, working hard on the back-end so you don’t need to waste valuable resources on the front line. With the K2 platform, you can create complex, integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale, all the way down to quickly rolling out lightweight departmental workflows and simple applications. 

By utilising simplistic and clear elements, such as a visual drag-and-drop designer and pre-built applications, K2 can be used as both a ‘power user’ platform, through to a developer focused system whereby complex forms and business process automation can be produced where needed. This means that the business value if you invest in K2 can be extended across more people, more processes and more agencies. 

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Why Digital First?

As proud K2 partners, we have a number of consultants that specialise specifically in K2 software. Their experience as Solution Architects for large enterprises and Government organisations in workflow, automation and onboarding/offboarding procedures and creating considerable return on investment and positive organisational outcomes.

We work collaboratively with K2 in ensuring our clients receive the most innovative service in process automation, while achieving significant value-for-money improvements.

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