Digital First Intranet

Are you primed to become an innovative organization, led by a modern digital workplace?

An intranet is the foundation of your digital workplace and one of the most effective means to connect employees to your organisation, irrespective of where they are working from, so they can fulfil their roles to the best of their potential.

Ready to Go with Valo

Digital First Intranet readies any organisation for success with an out-of-the-box product aligned with Modern SharePoint. It also comes with a native mobile app so employees will effectively have an intranet in their pocket.

The benefits of using an out-of-the-box solution surpass having ready-to-go communication and productivity tools, this product also enables rapid deployment, user adoption and integrates fully with Office 365, SharePoint and Teams.

The options to entirely customise your hub enables you to develop an intranet that employees will love to use and encourages collaboration to improve company culture.

What do you get?

Brand your site

Your content can be designed within your organisation’s brand style guide and iterations can be implemented quickly.

Social Hub

Inspire your employee community and boost morale with links to your live feed social media platforms, upcoming events and people finder tool.

Create beautiful content easily (CMS)

It is easy to develop relevant content for your users and implement targeted filters to ensure they only see the content that is specific to them.

Personalised Links

Provide employees with navigation that quickly brings them to promoted content from the Intranet front page shortcuts.


Users can search across the entirety of O365 and find the documents they want when they need them, with the power to filter and search by categories.

Organised Teamwork

Provide access to ready-to-use templates for employee projects, teams and products, incorporating document management and approval workflows.

Notifications & News Alerts

Alerts at the top of the page can be configured by admin to show on every page of the intranet, or only on certain pages. They can contain internal links (e.g. important company announcements) and external links and these can be colour coded (e.g. red/green). “Information messages” have 4 different levels of severity, and these messages can also be pushed out to the mobile device with our Digital workplace app.

Document Management

The creation of document templates with pre-defined meta-data can be implemented within SharePoint and an additional package of webparts that we’ve created. This can include dropdowns, users and date/time in order for organisations to to ensure document compliance and allows custom search dashboards to be created, permitting detailed search queries and custom filtering.


Use our templates for frequently used forms like holiday applications, expense claims and borrowed items. Digitise manual forms and improve the way your business works.

Software Updates

Digital First Intranet adds new features on a quarterly basis to ensure you’re up to date with the most recent Office 365 and SharePoint developments.

Idea Engagement

Reward your employees’ creativity and innovation and enable them to present, discuss and identify new ideas.

Employee Engagement

Leverage social features, surveys and employee blogs to keep users engaged and encourage cross-team collaboration.

People Directory

Our solution provides a People Directory out-of-the-box, this links directly to Azure Active Directory and is configurable to include meta data. The search results also enable users to interact directly with other users from within the search results through chat, email or phone call.


You can include a dynamic, dedicated FAQ div as per your specific user needs.

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Your content can be designed within your organisation’s brand style guide and iterations can be implemented quickly. Reach out, and we'll help you out!