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As our workplace becomes more globalised, the need for effective communication across language barriers is becoming more and more important. An intranet that is available in multiple languages can be a powerful tool for promoting collaboration and understanding within a company. Here are just a few of the benefits that a multilingual intranet can provide a business. 

Creating a united culture

One of the most obvious benefits of a multilingual intranet is that it can help employees who are not native English speakers to feel more included and valued in the workplace. Being able to access company information and communications in their own language can help them to feel like they are a part of the team, rather than an outsider.

Improves access to information

With a single language for all employees to read, the intranet becomes inaccessible when it comes down to localising content especially if parts of the business run from different countries. This can lead to some colleagues being able to access and read information with some workers being left without any knowledge about what is happening within their company whatsoever.

Increases collaboration

Multilingual intranets make it easier for teams across borders to collaborate, by publishing content in local languages. This means employees stay up-to-date with what other countries are doing and this encourages them to share best practices as well. 

Enhances diversity & inclusion

Intranets that are multilingual provide a global hub of fluid collaboration. With content translated into local languages, international teams can work together without having any language barriers which encourages different people to contribute and work together bringing more diversity and inclusion into the workplace. 

Installing Valo's Multilingual Intranet is so easy. The out-of the box solution supports 30 languages, making it simple to localise content on your intranet. To find out more about how a Valo multilingual intranet can benefit your business get in touch with Digital First today.  

Katy Barron

Katy Barron

Katy has worked in marketing and events internationally for over 10 years, after having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BA in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management. At Digital First she began as an Administration Assistant, using her event management skills and then progressed to her current Project Manager role where she works with Microsoft365 tools on a daily basis which she is passionate about using and marketing to others to help users work smarter.