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The new update of Microsoft's Wunderlist has been announced this week. Coined 'To Do', the update is a new take on the old-favourite task planner, and is only one of many updates Microsoft has made over the past month. As news gets churned through the cycle, it can be easy to miss the important updates in the tech sphere. 

So, to make it easy for you, we’re going to let you know about some key features Microsoft has added to their long list of applications over the past month. 

From Wunderlist to To-Do: Microsoft’s new daily planner

We all love to plan our days, and if you are anything like us, you’re switching from your laptop at home, to your phone on your commute, to your desktop at work. Things can be forgotten, especially when you get caught up in meetings and think: “What was it I was supposed to do, again?"

Enter the refreshed 'To Do'. The new app syncs across devices (Android, iOS and Mac included), and the actual integration with other Microsoft offerings is much more compact. Whether that’s tasks from Outlook or Planner, To Do grabs information across these apps in an easy to manage way. 

We personally like the ‘My Day’ view, which allows you to schedule individual tasks for each day, so that you can go through the sequential steps to make those big tasks seem a little less daunting.

Other key features include the ability to customise your background, share lists with key people, and set reminders about tasks that need to be done.

No excuses about leaving your work at home now!


SharePoint web parts

What’s the point of a site if people aren’t clicking through it? New button and call to action features diverts the reader's attention to where it needs to be, and guides them through the site experience in the way that you intended it.

LinkedIn Elevate also facilitates sharing within (and also external to) the organisation. This allows employees to share organisational content on their own social networks, which presents them as advocates of your brand. Elevate reduces the need for various applications for UTM tracking, saving countless hours. Now you can see, all in one place, whose platforms are giving you the most exposure and engagement!

Other updates include email rollouts to employees compiling ICYMI-style company news, update to the weather & world clock applications, and being able to filter highlighted documents by what you want to see. 

Collaborate better with Teams

It’s no secret that we love Teams. Over the last month the platform for collaboration and productivity has implemented a number of other functions to make your operations tidier.

  • AI is infused with mentality in the new ‘focus time’ feature. These intelligent capabilities help you find ways to work smarter – not harder - by adding focus time on your calendar, and allowing you to mute notifications during the time where you should be putting all your mental effort into the tasks on your screen.
  • ‘Intelligent Capture’: Microsoft Teams’ intelligent capture and ‘Rooms’ allows people to dial in remotely to experience a meeting in real time. While brainstorming and writing notes on a whiteboard, Teams ensures it remains in focus, and if someone walks in front of it, makes the content the first priority.


Updates to developer and education functions have also been added. You can view these industry specific updates here

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Jaime Nyberg

Jaime Nyberg

Jaime Nyberg
Jaime Nyberg is the Marketing Coordinator at Digital First. She has recently completed her Masters degree in Marketing Communications, bringing to the team a keen interest in digital and social media marketing.