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Creating a compelling customer experience is the lifeblood of a company’s brand.

Great customer experience is easy to recognise, but can be difficult to deliver, especially when a surprising amount of companies don’t have a strategic plan in place or know how to address it.

In today’s world, consumers have high expectations of the products, services and info they buy. The average US customer, for instance, uses more than 14 devices, channels, and platforms, and they expect brands to meet them where they are. They want brands that are tailored to their specific needs, and they want to be able to access them at the touch of a button. If you can’t deliver your product as quickly and pain free as your competitor, you lose out- simple as.

Digital transformation allows organisations to engage with the modern, digital consumer and create customised customer experiences. We have identified these two simple steps to drive and improve customer experience through digital transformation.

Customer data- know your customer

Firstly, just about everything we do in our day to day lives has been digitised in some shape or form. As a result, there is a mountain of data available on customer engagement and experiences. By embracing digital transformation, this influx of data can be interpreted and analysed continuously and can become the basis of identifying and segmenting customer groups and designing a personalised experience accordingly.

Take Netflix for example, they get to know the bones of their customers’ behaviour using vast amounts of data and algorithms. They analyse mountains of information such as how many titles a customer plays, what they play before or after, what they abandon after 5 minutes. This data allows them to direct customers to their new favourite shows and to create award-winning original content that is exactly what customers want to see.

The digital giant’s latest feature demonstrates how they are constantly innovating in order to keep their customers entertained. They are planning to spice up their content by offering a choose-your-own-adventure option to the upcoming season of Black Mirror, allowing viewers to choose how a programme ends. This data driven focus allows companies like Netflix to keep ahead of the competition.

Outside-In Approach

The concept of designing a customer experience from the outside-in means to ‘start with the customer’. Simply walking in the shoes of your customers, without your business hat on, without regard for cost-cutting or without a productivity perspective, can prove the simplest and best way to understand your customers’ need. Visualising what it is the customer wants and not what you THINK they want will give you valuable insight into the customers’ needs.

However, any customer experience is multifaceted in nature and will require an agile approach, and as a result, companies need to embrace technology and digital transformation to enhance every customer touchpoint.

HelloFresh Australia is an example of a company who have seen massive growth as a result of customer experience enhancement and operational developments. HelloFresh is a recipe-focused service, sending subscribers fresh produce to create pre-planned recipes.

Firstly, they have nailed the customer experience by meeting customer requirements through transparency and relevance. They are transparent in their offering, meaning customers know exactly what they are signing up for and are not tricked into signing up for a full year’s membership, for example. Their product is also relevant to so many different, modern customers in a number of ways, including convenience, healthy eating, cutting down on waste and also offers a learning opportunity to try new creative recipes.

Their use of digital technology in the delivery of their operations has put them above the rest of the competition. From providing a list of personalised recipes for the customer to choose from, to their engaging web content and flexible online plan which customers can easily adjust at any time, they have digitally enhanced every part of the operation to ensure streamlined customer experience from beginning to end.

At Digital First, our role is to make it easier for you to run your business and focus on what matters. We know how important it is for your business to create unique customer experiences because it is just as important to our business. Our experienced consultants work with clients to create digital solutions to all sorts of challenges that may arise in creating this unique customer experience. 

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Sara Hosey

Sara Hosey

Project Coordinator
Sara is a Project Co-ordinator at Digital First, having previously worked in the healthcare and education sectors, her leadership and management experience keeps the team in line and up to date with all the latest trends in the digital and technology worlds.