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Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled through cloud services. Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping save time, money, and free up valued resources.

Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services, including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office Online, and Microsoft Skype for Business Online, to help users be productive from virtually anywhere through the Internet.


Here are 7 reasons why you should use Office 365:

1. Security

Office 365 has built-in security, 1TB of OneDrive online storage and runs continuous compliance protocols, so all the data uploaded is safe. You can monitor who has access, along with where the data is stored. There is also an option to remotely wipe all your data if you lose a device.

2. Access

The US Institute for Business and Home Safety stated in 2015 that 25% of small businesses do not reopen following a major disaster, such as offices being destroyed by fires or floods. And now that the world works on a follow the sun model; small businesses cannot afford to shut down business indefinitely. So, if all your data is uploaded to the cloud; documents, applications, emails, meetings etc. then it’ll always be available to you. You can continue to run your business despite the circumstances.

3. 24/7

Office 365 enables you to work remotely, at any time of day. The only requirement is an internet connection, which is very easy to come by these days. This new technology will improve your work culture as employees can work remotely and collaborate anywhere in the world. Resulting in:

  1. Reduced costs
  2. New jobs created
  3. A boost in morale
  4. Increased employee engagement
  5. Less carbon emissions 

Agility is a key tool for any business today.

4. Synchronisation

Office 365, email, calendar and contacts are all synchronised to work together. If you update a contact on your mobile phone, it will then be automatically updated across all your other devices. You can also access the same data from any device so your business becomes extremely agile.

5. Low Costs

365 has a flexible monthly billing process that lets you add or decrease the number of users to suit your needs. You’re not locked into a contract and you change plans at any time to suit your growing business needs. This is perfect for small businesses who are on a budget.

6. Storage

50GB of email storage space comes with 365, so gone are the days of ‘storage full’ notifications. This also comes in handy for Big Data analysis, since you can keep years of content.

7. Licensing

Office 365 includes all licensing and it can be deployed company wide. This means everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and all users will get upgrades at the same time.

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Lucy Richards

Lucy Richards

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