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Microsoft Teams: The presenting benefits that make working remotely as effective as working in-person-Image

Many of us have recently entered a 'Hybrid Working' stage in our careers splitting our time between working from home and working in the office. 

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams have made communication between employees easier and clearer from different locations. Teams boasts many benefits but one of the unique and helpful features is that you can present to your colleagues smoothly with PowerPoint presentation and presenting features from within your virtual meeting making communication more seamless from wherever you are based. 

Presenting features in Microsoft Teams that make working remotely as effective as working in-person: 

  • PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams has a completely new PowerPoint presentation experience which is exclusively for Teams where both speakers and participants benefit. The presenter can lead meetings with access to presenter notes, slides, chat, and to the participants. All attendees can go from slide to slide at their own pace and can use Slide Translate to translate the PowerPoint presentation to a language of their choice. 
  • Presenter mode: Presenter mode can make a presentation more engaging as it gives you options on how your video feed and content appears to an audience during a Teams meeting. Modes to choose from are  'Standout' which shows a video feed as a silhouette in front of content being displayed,  'Reporter' which places content as a visual aid over a shoulder like a news story and there is the 'Side-by-side' mode that displays a video feed directly next to the content.
  • Cameo: This PowerPoint experience seamlessly integrates a Teams camera feed while designing a presentation, allowing the user to customise how/where they want to appear on slides all while they get layout recommendations to develop impact delivering content.
  • Speaker coach: Teams uses AI to discreetly share guidance on the presenter's pace and notifies the user if they speak over a person.
  • Dynamic view: Teams arranges the components of the meeting to give out the best viewing experience. When people join the call and turn on their video, begin to speak, or present, Microsoft Teams will auto-adjust to personalise the layout.
  • Lighting corrections: Helps the user show up well on video even in dim-lit environments.
  • New Whiteboard experiences: The new 'Whiteboard' assists the user to collaborate in real-time across many devices with over 40 customisable templates. The whiteboard is a visual space where the user can insert images/shapes and use reaction stickers to visually communicate to bring ideas to life.

In our new hybrid work world using collaboration tools to their full effect has never been more crucial for our business development and our employee's experiences. If you would like to know more about how collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams can get your business working smarter, contact Digital First to discuss your business needs. 

Katy Barron

Katy Barron

Katy has worked in marketing and events internationally for over 10 years, after having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BA in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management. At Digital First she began as an Administration Assistant, using her event management skills and then progressed to her current Project Manager role where she works with Microsoft365 tools on a daily basis which she is passionate about using and marketing to others to help users work smarter.