Assessing your digital maturity and establishing a digital workplace

The digital workplace is a term used to describe the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace. Companies typically operate in a conventional, physical sense i.e. with suitable office space, desks, chairs and the relevant hardware required for employees to complete their work. But the advancement of digital technology and the recent worldwide lockdown has provided us with an opportunity to make anywhere a workplace providing we have the basics: a computer and an internet connection.

In recent years the digital workplace framework has been refined and evolved significantly. A robust framework encompasses five main dimensions;

  1. Communication and employee engagement
  2. Collaboration
  3. Finding and sharing of information and knowledge
  4. Business applications
  5. Agile working - the ability to be productive any time or place

To work well, these need to be supported by five management activities;

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Governance and operational management
  3. Proactive support for adoption
  4. High quality user experience
  5. Robust, secure and flexible technology

To establish a relevant digital workplace for your organisation, we have developed an assessment tool that examines your current level of digital maturity. This tool has been benchmarked against global best practise, and identifies the strategic steps required to facilitate a productive digital workplace.

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