Turning your vision into reality

Website Creation

Web presence is also an important element to any business. One of the first things people do when reviewing businesses is check the company website. There are many new considerations with websites:

  • Brand Alignment: we will get to know you and your company, so the website will display your brand message, goals and aesthetics in a consistent manner.
  • Content Management: we will implement analytic and posting tools, to help you keep track of your traffic and reduce the need for manual processing.
  • Search engine optimization: when a user searches for your business, where do you appear in the search results? Managing your content and site structure properly is vital to keep yourself literally, at the top.
  • User experience: ensuring that your website is easy to use and navigate and that all customer interactions flow seamlessly.
  • User interface: a very large subject that can be summarized as the look and feel of your site; ensure its responsiveness across all devices and its alignment with the company brand.


Website Updates & Maintenence

(Quick | Personal | Start-up | Small Business)

For businesses that need to be online fast, in the form of a single web page that has lots of information and looks clean/professional.

Includes: Page creation, content lifting and completion within a day. 

Standard Website Build

(Personal | Start-up | Small Business)

Develop a professional site using html and open source themes to suit small companies.

This site is ideal if you are just starting out, or are developing your brand to improve your customer base.

Includes: modern mobile ready theme, up to 7 content pages, free hosting, contact form, basic SEO, and three content updates to the pages in the first 6 months.

Content Management System

(Regular updates | Blogs | Growing medium businesses)

Build a modern content management system based on WordPress or Joomla and gain a greater understanding of your business; tailor an online offering to your target customers.

Includes all the basic features and up to 5 interactive components that may include: blogs, simple payment system, event manager, social media apps, multiple user access, photo galleries, video/media.


Application Creation

Apps have become a central part of our lives. There is an app for every service you need, whether it be; grocery shopping, downloading music, playing a game of chess,editing photos, creating videos, obtaining recipes and so much more.

Have a look at the current statistics for apps:

  • 197 billion forecast for the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017
    Statista, 2017

  • The average number of apps people use daily – 9 , monthly – 30
    TechCrunch, 2017

  • As of the January of 2017, 2.2 million iOS apps are on the App Store
    Statista, 2017

Digital First recognize that your business will require an app to be part of this digital age. We offer a personalized service, that turns your vision into a fully functioning, innovative app, that can be accessed from anywhere.