K2 Integration Platform

Create, automate and transform business process applications across your entire organisation using K2’s low code integration systems.

How can you get started?

K2 is a digital process automation platform that allows you to create and release business process applications rapidly. K2 automates departmental workflows and streamlines organisational systems to allow you to achieve full digital transformation.

Why K2?

K2 is a globally recognised and award winning business application software company. More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries, including 30% of the Fortune 100, are using K2 to save money, reduce risk and grow revenue.

With both cloud-based (K2 Cloud) and on premises solution (K2-Five) options, you can work from anywhere to build, empower and control your business processes.

Automate your business processes

K2 can easily automate workflows using the drag-and-drop designer, eliminating the need for code. Workflows are easier to visualise, providing access for technical business analysts and other power users who would not normally be able to implement automation without an in-depth knowledge of complex code.

Deploy Pre-built Apps

Pre-built applications can be used to streamline common-use cases such as employee onboarding or sales quote approval, while the app wizard can be used to build more specific applications in three easy steps.

K2 Apps are quick to deploy and allow businesses to quickly implement business critical applications that offer a high return on investment.

Integrate your systems and data with ease

K2’s technology is compatible with almost any line-of-business system including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Office 365, creating efficient and reusable processes. This allows you to work with tools you are already familiar with and build on your existing solutions.

Ensure enterprise security policy throughout your solution

K2 allows your systems to be fully secure through the vast features which are constantly updated to maintain regulation and compliance standards. K2 never caches your data so the information you supply stays safeguarded.

Why Choose Digital First

At Digital First, digital transformation is what we do, and what we do well. The vast and diverse range of technologies and systems used by companies in their everyday processes can often prove inefficient and limit organisational agility. Our integration experts use the K2 platform to bring together all your current systems, creating one cohesive and easily accessible system.

Regardless of which K2 option you chose, we will work with you to create customised solutions unique to your business plan, reducing the amount of time and money spent on complex systems.

To find out more about how Digital First can help you achieve higher productivity within your business please contact us today for a free consultation.