Jaime Nyberg
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The Challenge

In 2016, our client initiated a Financial Remediation Programme aimed at reimbursing customers who had experienced hardship through the mis-selling of consumer finance.  The main challenge they faced when initiating the programme was at the data entry stage. This manual process needed to be optimised to ensure that data quality and integrity was maintained throughout.

Our Work

Our consultants joined this project prior to the public launch of the programme in order to create a SharePoint 2013 solution that would allow the Remediation team to handle over 100,000 customer cases. This initial consumer section of the project involved working closely with a "big four" consulting firm in order to ensure that the technology solution design aligned with business processes.

This solution utilised a variety of SharePoint techniques including advanced search configuration, HTML/JavaScript web-parts, information management of document sets, employee training, custom C#.Net coding, Nintex Forms, and workflow development via Nintex Workflow.

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Jaime Nyberg