Your Enterprise Intranet Portal Solution

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is more than your average intranet tool.
This Microsoft-owned, collaboration platform empowers everyone in your organisation to share, organise and discover rich file types - transforming business process by streamlining inefficient communication.
SharePoint is fast becoming an essential part of any organisation, big or small, with 85% of the Fortune 500 implementing a SharePoint solution.
With either on premises or cloud-based options, this powerful tool gives you the flexibility to work your way.

Thinking about a SharePoint project?

No matter your project size, we customise the solution to fit your organisation’s unique and dynamic needs.
Our consultants have over 40 years of combined experience working in SharePoint projects, ranging from Digital Workplace strategy for local Councils, to large-scale, complex Government Intranet projects, which have refined their skills in dealing with thousands of documents.
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Our team are experts in:

Digital Strategy - Confused about where to start? Our consultants don’t just provide solid technology advice, but understand how to meet your complex business requirements, too.
Employee Engagement - Every stakeholder matters to us. We actively collaborate with employees to gain insight into common pain points, designing a portal that enhances their everyday experience.
SharePoint Implementation - First time? We take the hassle out of physical storage systems and give you everything you need to embrace SharePoint’s full functionality.
SharePoint Migration - Sometimes we all need a refresh. We can migrate and enrich all your precious files across servers, so you don’t have to think twice.
Site Design and Customisation - We tailor a site design that aligns with your organisational branding, communications style and business needs.
User Training and Support - Our comprehensive training and support ensures everyone is aligned, no matter their level of technical expertise.
Digital Roadmap - We extract your desired future state – and show you just how to get there.