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Microsoft is so much more than your standard office applications.  

Whether you’re utilising it for Entertainment or Business, as a Developer or Marketer, when you go with Microsoft, you have peace of mind knowing that you are backed by one of the largest tech companies worldwide, ensuring innovation, support and security.

At Digital First, we are firm believers in the power of Microsoft and everything that it has to offer, utilising it everyday in our own operations and forming the basis of what it is that we truly specialise in.  

Our consultant and developer teams have attained a varying array of Certified Microsoft Qualifications, inclusive of: Web Developer, .NET Framework, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, HTML Programming and Microsoft Certified Professional.  

Our ability to attract and retain this high-quality talent allows us to leverage our partnership with Microsoft to offer a range of top-notch services, which are tailored and cherry-picked for your business to deliver real results.  

If you’re ready to introduce a world-class software system into your business, fill out our form, and one of our consultants will be in contact soon.

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Our Team are Experts in:

Cloud Technologies - By joining the growing cloud market, you can reap the benefits of flexibility and competitiveness across your whole business.
Digital Workplace - We utilise Microsoft to deliver a Roadmap that enables you to achieve a more productive, efficient workplace.
Application Development - Our developers know how to create a streamlined, effective application that generates a positive customer experience.
Intranet Development - Our strong expertise in SharePoint means we can generate a central communication hub that empowers your employees to work as a team.
Office 365 - We know how to migrate and implement Office technologies such as Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote across your entire business, fostering connectivity and collaboration.
Business Intelligence - Data informs clever business decisions, but we can take the complexity and confusion out of it.
CRM - Building successful relationships with your important customer base should be at the heart of your business model.
Training and Development - Our team believe firmly in client relations. We work tirelessly with stakeholders to ensure that every single employee understands how to work with new technologies, no matter their prior skill level.
Support - Along with Microsoft, we offer a comprehensive support program that ensures you’re never left in the dark.