Advanced CMS and Marketing Solutions

What is Kentico?

Kentico is the perfect marriage between a highly functional web Content Management System, and a fully integrated marketing platform.

Kentico provides both an on-premises and cloud-based solution, and is a one-stop shop for everything your business needs to deliver a dynamic website experience. While it provides for out-of-the-box functionality, Kentico also offers customisable solutions on a scalable platform.


Advantages that clients such as Mazda, Twinings and Gibson realize from the Kentico platform include:

  • Online marketing solutions and insightful analytics to deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • Kentico Intranet, which fosters collaboration across multiple team members, as well as offering full SharePoint integration
  • E-Commerce solutions, including support for language and currency changes, allowing your business to dominate the global stage
  • Customisable to your own business needs, with Open API providing integration with nearly every back-end system

If you want to enhance your CMS functionality, fill out our form today and we’ll be in touch soon about implementing a Kentico solution.

Thinking about a Kentico project?

Our team of experience developers have not only taken advantage of the rich forms of Kentico training programs available, but have also had first-hand experience in developing a dynamic sites inclusive of design, staging and execution. 

We take on board everything your business wants to achieve with and design the perfect site to meet these needs.

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