Digital Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Training course for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Course Overview

In response to recent events and the accompanying economic challenges, Digital First has seen a significant increase in organisations looking to quickly evolve their business model and enhance their digital presence. We understand the importance of training that empowers leaders to take strategic action and how to apply it to the modern digital world.

This course covers the fundamentals of implementing a digital strategy, and will help business owners and entrepreneurs align their organisation so all aspects are digitally enabled. By creating a digital roadmap with us you will review your 'current state' and √≠dentify your desired 'future state'. 

With years of experience working in the technology sector, we have tailored material to suit the agile world of entrepreneurship.The course takes techniques adopted globally by large organisations and distills it into a unique package suitable for small businesses.

Key objectives and outcomes

  • Defining a strategic vision and actionable outcomes
  • Reviewing the current business state and identifying business priorities
  • Identify the key factors in achieving increased customer satisfaction through digital marketing techniques and customer relationship management throughout the customer journey
  • Innovation through business process improvement and product development
  • Business intelligence through the use of data and analytics
  • Development of a robust business model with a focus on scalability

Delivery Method

This course is designed to meet the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, we take a practical approach to have a focus on “learning by doing”, content is tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

The course starts with identifying the training objectives, based on the specific needs of the business. A tailored plan will then be created to focus on the key areas of learning.

A series of workshops will be delivered in several ways:

  • One to one training
  • Employee based group sessions
  • Online learning and additional reading
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